Thybovej 2A
DK-8620 Kjellerup
+45 60 62 01 45

Lat. 56.27397944
Long. 9.31366638

Døssinghus is located right in between hærvejens cykel- og vandreruter.

Hiking route "Hærvejen"

Døssinghus is located 1.1 km east of the hiking route for "Hærvejen", som starter/stopper ved Sangildvej.

Viborg-Thorning hiking trail

Thorning-Funder Kirkeby hiking trail

the biking route for "Hærvejen"

Døssinghus is located 2.4 km west of the start/stop point in Thorning (Spar) on the biking route for "Hærvejen".

Viborg-Thorning cycling trail

Thorning-Funder Kirkeby biking trail

About "Hærvejen"

Hærvejen is a scenic historical hiking route in Central Jutland, which, since ancient times, has been the main thoroughfare between the two old royal towns of Viborg and Jelling. For centuries, the Danish kings were crowned in Viborg, and in Jelling you will find the two royal mounds that King Harald Bluetooth made for his parents Gorm and Thyra, which is why this stretch is called the Kings' army road, in Danish "Hærvejen". Some parts of the army road date back as far as 4000 years.
hærvej. Nogle dele af hærvejen går så langt tilbage som 4000 år.


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